What can my State Member do for me?

Jai is a member of the NSW Parliament for the state seat of Wollondilly. As a Member of the NSW Parliament, Jai can act as an advocate for the residents in the community with regards to NSW Government matters.

As a State Member of Parliament Jai can act on your behalf and make representations to the relevant Minister or Government agency. In the Parliament, Jai contributes to the debate on bills (draft legislation) and can also raise issues relevant to the Wollondilly electorate to the attention of the NSW Parliament.

Each speech Jai presents to Parliament is recorded by Hansard. To see a list of Jai’ speeches visit Hansard.

What are Jai's responsibilities as Chair of the Electoral Matters Committee

The Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters inquires into, and reports on, electoral laws and practices, including the spending and public funding of political parties.

The Committee can only look at issues that are referred by either House or a Minister, and cannot consider electoral boundaries and the distribution of electorates.

Committees are appointed to assist in examining issues that come before the Parliament in greater detail that is possible in the House. In this matter, committees serve a dual purpose by increasing public awareness on issues that the Parliament are considering, giving the public a greater say and the community greater insight into proposed laws which can facilitate better public policy-making and accountability by the Parliament.

Committees can conduct hearings where witnesses give evidence and can also call for advice from experts. Through committees, the public can also provide written submissions for consideration, giving an accessible forum for the public to have their say before the Parliament.

To find out more about this committee click here.

When does Parliament sit?

State Parliament follows an annual sitting roster which is available here. When Parliament is ‘sitting’, Jai is in Parliament House Sydney. Outside of Parliamentary sitting days, Jai works from his Tahmoor office and is often out and about in the electorate.

Is the public allowed to visit Parliament?

Most schools schedule tours of Parliament as part of the school curriculum and the general public is more than welcome to visit Parliament House and watch Parliament in action. Question time is at 2.15pm each sitting day and all Members of Parliament are present at that time. Tours of Parliament House can be arranged.

Can I make an appointment to see Jai?

Yes. If you have an issue you’d like to discuss with Jai an appointment can be scheduled by calling his office on 02 4683 2622 or emailing wollondilly@parliament.nsw.gov.au.

Residents are encouraged to write to Jai for assistance. In most cases he is able to resolve the issue even before the meeting takes place.

Jai’s staff are also available to assist where possible.

What if I am not sure if Jai is the right person to contact about an issue?

Often it is difficult to know which level of Government you need to contact or who to ask for assistance. If you are not sure feel free to call into the office in Tahmoor, phone 02 4683 2622 or email wollondilly@parliament.nsw.gov.au.

Is there any funding available for community groups in Wollondilly?

There are many varied opportunities for Government funding both Federal and State. In most cases, a good first step in to check out what is available at www.communitybuilders.nsw.gov.au.

Does Jai come to community events?

Jai is regularly invited to various community events and celebrations. He attempts to attend as many as his schedule permits. If your community group would like to invite Jai to an event, simply email wollondilly@parliament.nsw.gov.au or post an invitation to his office.

Is Jai available for public speaking?

Jai is often asked to say a few words as part of his visits to community events and organisations across Wollondilly. If you would like Jai to speak at your event please ensure that you notify his office and give an indication of how long you would like him to speak.

Please feel free to contact the electorate office to discuss his availability.